DIY Roof Repair With Bill: Chimney Leak Repair

Join Bill Ragan in this insightful video as he expertly addresses a chimney leak with precision and skill. This comprehensive roofing repair tutorial provides valuable insights into identifying and fixing common chimney issues. From leak detection to step-by-step repair techniques, Bill guides you through the process, sharing his wealth of knowledge in the roofing industry. Learn essential tips, tools, and materials for effective chimney leak repair, ensuring your roof remains resilient against the elements. Dive into the world of roofing expertise with Bill Ragan and gain the confidence to tackle repairs with ease. Don’t let leaks linger – empower yourself with the skills needed for a secure and durable roof!

Join Bill Ragan as he deep dives into what are the best roof vents.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Step 1: Set Up Materials
0:40 Step 2: Cover Skylight
0:57 Step 3: Prep Your Work Site
1:10 Step 4: First Coat
2:49 Step 5: Second Coat
3:53 Step 6: Third & Final Coat
4:13 Step 7: Inspect Your Work
4:20 Step 8: Rinse off Roof
4:53 Step 9: Remove Any Coverings
5:05 Step 10: Put Away Materials
5:11 Outro


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