Do Metal Roofing Panel Widths Matter? Engineering, Aesthetics, Cost

What determines the right standing seam metal roofing panel width for your project?

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The width of your standing seam metal roofing panel can affect the look of your home or building, the performance of the system in different types of weather, and the final cost of the project. In today’s Q&A Monday, Jeff Hock from the Sheffield Metals Technical department joins Thad Barnette to discuss options for standard panel widths, what is typically seen on residential and commercial construction, and how panel width affects engineering and performance.

Topics covered:
►Intro 00:00
►What panel width factors should you think about for your metal roof? 0:30
►Are there standard panel widths that are typically installed? 1:06
►Why do customers try to order as wide of a panel as possible? 5:50
►How do larger panel widths affect performance and aesthetics long term? 8:03
►Do striations make a difference with oil canning? 9:42

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