Pipe Penetrations, ZIP System, ZINCALUME®, Overdriving Fasteners

Watch this episode of @TheMetalRoofingChannel to learn about relocating pipe penetrations, installing ZIP sheathing as a deck material, the difference between ZINCALUME® and Gavalume®, and how to avoid overdriving metal roof fasteners.


In our show, @TheMetalRoofingChannel, Thad Barnette answers four common metal roofing questions in five minutes or less! This episode includes topics about moving a pipe penetration vs. laying out the roof differently, installing an underlayment over ZIP system, the difference between ZINCALUME® and Galvalume®, and the proper screw guns for metal roofing. If you want to learn more about each topic, additional content is included below.

Topics covered:

►Intro 00:00

►Why not go into the attic and move the pipe to land in the center of the panel instead of laying out the roof differently? 00:07

Watch this video to learn how to lay out a standing seam metal roof:

►If you have ZIP sheathing as your roof deck, do you need underlayment as well? 00:37

Compare common underlayment types for roofing:

►What’s the difference between ZINCALUME® and Galvalume® and which one is better? 01:06

Learn about industry trade names for Galvalume®:

►Any tips or tools to prevent overdriving pancake head screws? 01:29

DeWALT DCF622 20V MAX XR With Versa-Clutch™ Review:

Drop your metal roofing and metal construction questions below to have them answered on the next episode of @TheMetalRoofingChannel!



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