Repainting a Metal Roof, Standing Seam Cost, Wind Uplifts, Striations

Watch this episode of @TheMetalRoofingChannel to learn about repainting a metal roof, the cost of standing seam vs. exposed fastener roofing, nail flange panel vs. clip system panel wind uplifts, and panel widths and panel structure.


In our show, @TheMetalRoofingChannel, Thad Barnette answers four common metal roofing questions in five minutes or less! This episode includes topics about repainting a metal roof, why standing seam is more expensive than exposed fastener roofing, how nail flange panels and clip system panels perform differently in high winds, and how panel widths and panel structure are chosen. If you want to learn more about each topic, additional content is included below.

Topics covered:

►Intro 00:00

►Is it possible to repaint a metal roof? 00:09

Watch our Q&A about repainting a metal roof:

►Why is standing seam so much more expensive than face fastened? They’re both metal and they both run through a roller? 00:30

Watch our 2022 cost of a metal roof video that includes both exposed fastener and standing seam pricing:

►How is wind uplift different from a nail flange panel vs. a standing seam panel that uses a clip? 01:00

Check out our nail flange panel vs. clip system video:

►Are panel width and striations based on only aesthetics or HOA rules? 01:45

Learn about striations and other types of panel structure:

Drop your metal roofing and metal construction questions below to have them answered on the next episode of @TheMetalRoofingChannel!



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