Roof Inspections, Tin Roofing, HOAs, Residential Warranties

Watch this episode of @TheMetalRoofingChannel to learn about roof inspections for your house, tin roofing, homeowners association restrictions on metal roofing, and residential weathertight warranties.


In our show, @TheMetalRoofingChannel, Thad Barnette answers four common metal roofing questions in five minutes or less! This episode includes topics about Sheffield Metals inspections, the history of tin roofing, how to convince your HOA to allow metal roofing, and does SMI offer residential weathertight warranties. If you want to learn more about each topic, additional content is included below.

Topics covered:
►Intro 00:00
►Can someone from Sheffield Metals come out and inspect my roof? 0:16
If you have a problem with your metal roof, learn what action you can take:
►Why is it called tin roofing? Is it really made out of tin? 0:28
Dive into the history of metal roofing:
►My HOA doesn’t allow metal roofs. What can I do? 0:54
Approach your HOA with metal roofing facts and project photos. Learn how to prepare your presentation:
►Can I get a Sheffield Metals weathertight warranty for my house? 1:40
What are Sheffield Metals weathertight warranties?

Drop your metal roofing and metal construction questions below to have them answered on the next episode of @TheMetalRoofingChannel!



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