Technical Metal Roof Repainting: How Pros Get the Perfect Finish

How do professional commercial painters get the perfect finish when repainting metal roofs or walls?

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How do professional façade restoration experts plan, prep, and execute a metal roof or wall repainting project? Today on the Metal Roofing Channel, Chris from Edge Façade Restoration joins Thad Barnette to discuss the technical steps required when inspecting a metal roof, installing a new coating system, and getting a new warranty issued from a paint manufacturer.

Topics covered:
►Intro 00:00
►What’s the first step in inspecting a metal repainting project? 1:38
►What happens after the inspection? 3:26
►How much does a metal roof repainting cost? 3:54
►How are metal roof restorations done? 4:17
►What products are used for a metal roof restoration? 6:59
►What else is considered during a metal roof restoration? 8:32
►What happens with unforeseen events during a restoration? 10:14
►How is a complex metal roof addressed for restoration? 11:02
►How is a metal roof restoration completed? 11:35
►What does care and maintenance look like for a restoration? 12:22

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