Zinc Metal Roofing: Pros & Cons, Applications, Installation

How is zinc used in architectural metal construction and is it a good choice for my metal roofing project?

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Zinc has historically been used for standing seam, metal shingle, and plate roofing for centuries because of its incredible self-healing properties that allow it to last up to a hundred years or more. In today’s Q&A Monday, Josh Spence from MetalTech Global joins Thad Barnette to dive into the properties of zinc that make it a unique building material, reasons a home or building owner might pick a zinc roof for their project, and its special installation requirements.

Topics covered:
►Intro 00:00
►What is zinc and what are its characteristics? 0:32
►How has zinc been used for metal roofing? 1:15
►What are the pros and cons of zinc as a metal roofing material? 1:54
►Why would someone choose zinc over other roofing materials? 2:48
►Is zinc used more in commercial or residential applications? 3:35
►What are the color and finish options for zinc? 4:09
►Does zinc patina over time? 4:45
►What unique installation requirements does zinc have? 5:29
►Why is venting important for zinc roofs? 7:20
►What is the cost for a zinc roof system? 8:07
►What are the unique features of zinc that customers should know? 9:44

Are specialty metals worth the price vs. more common roofing materials like steel and aluminum?

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