Metal Roofing in the Rocky Mountains: What do Homeowners Need to Know?

How do you design a metal roofing assembly for heavy snow areas like the Rocky Mountains? Comment below to have your question answered on a future episode!


The Rocky Mountain region offers a challenging environment for building design. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thain and Jesse from Great Northern Metal Co. out of Bozeman, Montana discuss how to prepare for a successful metal roofing project in the mountains. They explain how snow loads, snow guards, ice damming, and panel selection all play into overall assembly design.

Topics covered:
►Intro 00:00
►Why is ventilation important for assembly design in the Rockies? 0:53
►What advice do you have for homeowners in the Rockies? 2:34
►When should you hold snow on your roof? 3:35
►What should you consider when choosing snow guards? 4:41
►Why is ventilation important when it comes to ice damming? 5:42
►What should home owners consider when it comes to ventilation? 7:40
►What can a home owner do if they have ice damming on a reroof? 9:40
►What considerations should you have when researching a cold roof? 10:53
►What metal panel options do you have for cold roofing? 12:00

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